“Mirror Mirror on the wall – who is the fairest of them all?”

The quote from an all time favourite fairy tale….

In this story, the Evil’s queens mirror never lied, so the Evil Queen had a permanently and accurate reality check on what was going on in her world…..even when Snow White came along to burst her bubble!

But where are the mirror’s in our own lives, who gives us a reality check when our mental intrigues and distortions run so deep, our fingers are waving wildly at others highlighting their failing in this, or their culpability in that?

Very rarely do we point that finger back at ourselves, and take responsibility for what is going on in our lives or the reality that this thinking creates.

Quite often our reactions and responses are down to our own projections – ie hidden feelings or emotions that we land on others instead on ourselves. These projections can be as a result of events or challenges from our past, often hidden deep in our psyche just wanting for somewhere to land external to you!

How do you reality check your reactions or responses? Are you ready to own up to what is yours? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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