Learning from the Masters

I was first introduced to the power of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP)  as part of my post graduate certificate leadership in 2005. I was offered coaching sessions that completely changed my life! This led to my first NLP training in 2006 and I have never looked back since.

Since then I have trained with some of the best, the original creators of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler and John Grindler, the President of the Society of NLP, John La Valle, the world’s top hypnotist and master trainer in NLP, Paul McKenna, and Richard Bandlers top class assistants, Steve Crabb and Tina Taylor, both Master Trainers in NLP and hypnotherapy.

I have trained with some of the best, the original creators of NLP

Trained, Licensed and Registered

I am a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP and registered through the Society of NLP. I also have an accredited diploma in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching, and have studied a range of different disciplines such as from anxiety and stress, timeline therapy, weight loss and stop smoking, psycho-neuro-immunology. I have also been trained in meditation, Angelic Reiki, tapping and havening techniques.

Training with the best allows me to bring you the skills and experience direct from the masters, ensuring I can help you to transform your life quickly and easily.

bring you the skills and experience direct from the masters

I work alongside my partner Dan, who also offers Reiki and relaxation sessions to clients that want it.

Both Dan and I are also are also qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers and run weekly classes in the local Smallfield (Surrey) and Copthorne (Sussex). We also run a local local meditation group which offers free once a month workshops.  So there are lots of ways to get involved ;-).

The Evolution of Thinking and Behaviour

We are both passionate about helping to raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet through the evolution of thinking and behaviours and practices for greater wellbeing and happiness.  We also both have years of learning and apply meditation principles in our own lives, with positive results. After all, the quality of our thoughts defines the quality of our happiness. Choose love and happiness over fear and judgement and learn to love life now.

The sun is always shining you only need to remove the clouds.
David R Hawkins