The Power of Surrender in Relationships…

Relationships are a complex, wonderful mirrors of ourselves. They come along into our lives to teach us valuable lessons, to bring us love, companionship, opportunity for service, tolerance and self growth, among many other things.

But how often do we use the power of surrender in relationships? How often do we allow ourselves to hold the space for dialogue without reacting? How often can we surrender our needs and find neutral ground in the face of adversity?

All too often our mind seeks to distort, delete, generalise the facts of a situation based on internal beliefs, fears, past experiences, and can ultimately unwittingly lead us into battle rather than peace with those most close to us. We react, fight our corner and battle our way through our day or evening rather than taking responsibility for our own reactions, our own emotions and our own responses.

In yogic philosophy, marriage is interestingly considered the “highest form of yoga” because of just how much of a spiritual practice it can be and the plethora of opportunities for self growth the “experience of relationship” (marriage or otherwise) can present.

What are your thoughts about the power of surrender in relationships? #truelove

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