How to harness the energy of creative flow and manifestation in your life?

At the end of the day, everyone gets stuck sometimes, stuck in a mindset, stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship or even stuck in an aspect or perspective of themselves. 

But how do we really harness the creative power of the universe to get ourselves unstuck and back into the energy of flow and creativity?

On a level, we all know that change is constant but on another, change and movement in our lives can be so subtle, so incremental, we may not even notice it. As a result, it can sometimes feel that time is standing still or the changes we seek are still slightly out of our reach.

At times like this, it can be important to dig deep and work with what is before us, what is genuinely present for us, to help us reconnect to that creative flow.

So, to help this along, here are some tips to help you get unstuck, and allow any conscious and unconscious blocks, seen or unseen barriers, start to shift – to enable you connect to that creative flow once again.

1.      Get out of your own way – a hard and probably annoying fact – is that most of the time it’s our own unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding our current reality in place. Start to surface your awareness of these by writing down all the self-limiting thoughts that come to mind – output and exit everything that is annoying or frustrating to you, right now – get them out of the head and on to the table – in full visibility! Then ask yourself, what do I want instead?

Start and the pressure will be off

 2.      Give yourself the power to act – or as Yogi Bhajan would say – “start and the pressure will be off”. When we take the first step towards something we are looking to create, things start to move, and stuff unfolds. Might not be what we are expecting but embrace the shifts anyway. Until we take the first step and delve into the unknown – stasis will always prevail.

 3.      Check in with your own needs – is there something about your current situation that serves you? Are you benefiting in some way by staying still or by not taking the next step? Often an unseen attachment to the current experience or hidden fear around how we might meet the changes we desire, keep things in place. Mmm a tricky one but maybe something to think about?

 Tidy your desk, your house, your bedroom, and throw stuff out! 

4.      Tidy your desk, your house, your bedroom, and throw stuff out! Dig deep people, look into those drawers and cupboards that have not been opened for a while. What is lurking in the darkness that can no longer be seen? What do you no longer need hanging around? What can you shed or recycle? When we clear our space, recycle our things, we make space – and allow new things to come. This one works so well!

5.      Connect to water – visualise a body of water – what do you see? Is it stagnant, sitting still or is it a wave of unbelievable power, or just nicely balanced – either way connect to your own energy of water and see what this shows you. Water has its own rhythm and pace. It has the power to cleanse, renew as well as steady our emotions in times of challenge. Where is your flow taking you?

6.      Take a step even if you have no idea where that step might lead – Use the positive mind to see the opportunity in any new or old situation and follow the yellow brick road…you never know where it just might lead… the universe might just have bigger plans than you could ever imagine…

move, chant, and
work your naval

7.      Breathe, move, chant, and work your naval – if you are a yogi, power up the energy in the centre of your body, build up your internal fire and use this fire to transform, manifest and create. It might be painful (the best practices are!) but you totally know this works! So, keep up and get it done!

And remember, energy is always moving behind the scenes, often outside our awareness so heap on a shovel of trust and massive pinch of loveā€¦.and let the universe move with you. 

Kelly is a health and wellbeing coach, kundalini yoga teacher and therapist, NLP master practitioner in East Surrey/West Sussex. She is passionate about sharing mind, body, energy tools to support health, happiness and wellbeing. Join the conversation in one of her classes, courses, or events – links below and at her “Conscious Intentions” website.

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