Five mind, body, energy techniques to beat #stress & power up your #wellbeing!

So, the good news is mind, body, energy medicine is here to stay.  Increasing evidence is pointing to the beneficial effects of these practices to support #healthandwellbeing.  

You may already be a high-level communicator and have full control over your mental projection, but what if you are still missing a daily trick to up-level your neurobiology and wellbeing in a powerful way?

Check out the five mind, body, energy tips below to beat #stress, #anxiety and #negative mind gremlins.

Mental Imagery and Visualisation

1. Mental imagery and visualisation  – “what you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become” – there is some controversy about the source of this quote, but there is no doubt just how powerful mental rehearsal is to influence performance.   So next time you want to do well in something, pre-plan this in your head, #visualise how you want things to happen & see just how this works.

Breathing Exercises

2. Breathing exercises – breath work and controlled breathing should not just be in the toolkit of the yogis! Breathing practices help us direct and control the amount of prana and energy we circulate throughout the body.  Feel like you have low #energy, get sipping in as much breath as possible.  Feel like you’re stressed or anxious, get long deep breathing.   This stuff works, and your nervous system will be grateful.

Yogic Movement

3. Yogic movement – we pretty much accept that exercise is good for us, and that #yoga is good for flexibility but had you considered that yogic movement creates pressures in the body at very precise meridian points – opening up energetic pathways along the meridian lines in the body that supports organ #health, function & general #wellness.  If you don’t believe me, check out your local kundalini yoga class.  Step aside #overwhelm, Sparks will fly!


4. #Meditation – so many meditations to choose from – the good news is science is catching up and starting to prove the links between meditation and brain structure.  Essentially as a regular meditator, neuroplasticity of the brain starts to shift, and we find ourselves more able to dip into a calm and resourceful state whenever we need. So, if you put your meditation practice to one side recently, “pick it up, pick it up, pick it up…” it’s a toolkit not to be ignored to support #mental wellbeing.

Music, mantra and sound

5. Music & sound – we all love to relax, and often use music to soften and calm the environment for so many different occasions, for example romantic dinners, massage therapy.  But how often do we deliberately use sound to reset our state and #frequency.  Mantra offers an amazing way to change our state and elevate the way we feel. Here is a healing mantra that you might just enjoy:

So, what do you think? Are you ready to tap into new mind, body, techniques to raise your frequency & vibration and access more #positive states of awareness & peace?

The mind is after all a powerful driver for change, the body a vehicle for our expression and the breath the carrier of our emotions.

If so, join the conversation on & join our facebook group – more scientific evidence & practice examples to follow.

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To your optimum happiness & wellbeing

Kelly Egan

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