The 7 reasons why Kundalini Yoga is essential to those on the spiritual path

Kundalini yoga is a powerful and transformative yoga practice!  It is so much more than just physical postures, it is the “yoga of awareness” and a technology for improving consciousness, so crucial to those on the spiritual path.

So how does it work and why does it work so quickly?! The combination of kriyas (physical postures), breath work, mudras, mind focus, meditation, mantra, energy work and relaxation serves to help us clear our fears, blocks, and limitations, and elevate our vibration and awareness to a whole new level. It can very quickly provide the leverage we are seeking to clear unconscious patterns and behaviour and consequently raise our vibration in a way that allows us to connect more fully and completely to our infinite selves and true potential (depending on what we choose to practice and for how long of course!).

Check out the 7 reasons (of many more) below why a regular kundalini yoga practice could well be the very thing that all those already on the spiritual or personal transformation path need to up-level their current personal and spiritual development. As a long-time spiritual explorer, things only really started to shift for me when I picked up this practice and did it consistently and completely!

1Kundalini yoga connects us to our intuition and higher self – spiritual seekers are often searching for that inner connection to the higher self and intuition. The power of kundalini yoga helps this process along more quickly by silencing the mind and allowing us to hear and connect more deeply with our inner senses and intuitive guidance.

2Kundalini yoga opens us to the energy of love and compassion – kundalini yoga works to cleanse and clear the chakras and in doing so helps us connect more deeply to our heart. Through this connection, we gain the power to release judgements towards ourselves and others, and see only love in its place.

3Kundalini yoga allows us to connect to our authentic self – as spiritual seekers, speaking our truth and operating in line with our true purpose, is often a key driver in our work to transcend the ego and reach higher states of awareness.  Kundalini yoga works like a super hero to strip away those false masks, identities, and protective layers to not only connect you to your own truth, but catapult this out into the world.

4Kundalini yoga awakens and expands our consciousness – through a regular practice of kundalini yoga, our innate awareness simply grows and expands.  It allows us to perceive and connect with more subtle aspects of the physical as well as the infinite field of consciousness and use this subtle intelligence to support and enhance our day to day flow and experience.

5Kundalini yoga balances the negative mind – many people, even spiritual seekers, are plagued by the constant chatter of negative thoughts, or the churn of the mind.  Kundalini yoga works to activate our neutral mind which allows us the space to see through the illusion of the mind and into more freedom, choice and flexibility.

6Kundalini yoga connects us to the present moment – Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” is the cornerstone book for many on the spiritual path and asserts “as you honour the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolves”.   Kundalini yoga helps us activate our connection to the power of now, feel the silence and bliss (as well as helping us to release our karmic patterns along the way!).

7Kundalini yoga raises our vibrational frequency – kundalini yoga is also all about expanding the aura and raising our vibrational frequency and radiance.  As we know “everything is energy” including ourselves, and “we attract what we radiate”.  So, by working on our energetic radiance through kundalini yoga, we can expand and extend our energetic frequency and raise our frequency closer to that which we wish to attract.  Synchronicities here we come!

So, if you on the spiritual path and this article resonates in any way, get ‘ye’ to your local kundalini yoga class, you might be slightly weirded out, but if you like your energy work, you will love it!  Give it a go, expand the spirit and let your consciousness soar.  

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Kelly Egan

NLP Wellbeing Coach, Kundalini Yoga Therapist & Teacher
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