Terms and Conditions

Thank you for taking part in a Conscious Intentions wellbeing session or programme or kundalini yoga class, session or event.   We will do our best to serve you by listening to your needs and using our knowledge, training and experience to help support you to achieve your goals.   There are some important things we would like you to understand and confirm before working with us.

Conscious Intention’s wellbeing4adults and wellbeing4teens sessions involve a combination of NLP, coaching, hypnotherapy, kundalini yoga, meditation and other energy techniques.    All sessions will take a mind, body, energy approach and will include a combination of physical postures, breathing, relaxation, affirmations as well as NLP interventions, discussions, teachings as relevant.  The aim is to support emotional resilience, confidence, balance and wellbeing through yogic based postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and mindfulness and NLP based support.

Conscious Intentions wellbeing services, kundalini yoga classes, courses or events is in no way a replacement for any medical advice.  If you think you or your teen may be suffering from any mental health, psychological or medical condition, you are advised to seek appropriate medical advice and treatment and will not discontinue or delay any medical treatment because of coaching or yogic based advice/support.

Session can be amended or changed up to 1 week before the session, but otherwise refunds cannot be offered for any missed sessions.  Refunds for programmes are not normally offered but we are happy to discuss and agree these on a case by case basis.   For information about Conscious Intention’s programmes, see www.facebook.com/wellbeing4teens and www.facebook.com/conscioushappiness, www.consciousintentions.co.uk.

Medical and Liability Disclaimer and Notice

Conscious Intentions takes all reasonable care to ensure that its wellbeing programmes and classes are fun and safe. However, I understand under all programmes or class, myself and my child, where relevant, will be engaging in a moderate amount of physical activity that may involve some risk of injury.  I acknowledge that I have been advised to disclose any past or present injury, illness, health problem or any other condition or medication that may affect my or my child’s participation in any programmes, classes or courses run by Conscious Intentions.   As far as is permitted under Local Law I assume the above risks and accept responsibility for myself and my child taking part in any wellbeing programme or class arranged by Conscious Intentions.  I further discharge and hold harmless conscious intentions (including its owners, officers and personnel including its coaches and its suppliers) from any liability arising from any injury to myself, my children, or other person or persons, taking part in the any programme, class, course, event or session caused by participation in any programme, class, course, event or sessions held by Conscious Intentions. I hereby release the Conscious Intentions from any and all liability, negligence and other claims arising from participating in one of these services.

I understand that by taking part of the conscious intentions wellbeing programmes, classes, events or courses, I give agree by the above terms and conditions and medication disclaimer.  I also:

  • For wellbeing4teens, give my consent as the legal guardian for my daughter or son aged 16 or under to take part in all aspects of the wellbeing4teens programme and confirm that they are fit and well to do so.
  • Confirm I have disclosed any relevant information about health and medical conditions of myself and my teen. We are both fit and well to undertake a kundalini yoga based class and have sought medical advice if relevant.
  • Recognise that programmes or classes are not suitable for those that are pregnant – and confirm that neither myself or anyone under my guardianship are pregnant.
  • Understand that Conscious Intentions coaching, yoga or mindfulness based support is in no way a replacement for medical advice and will seek appropriate advice as necessary. I will not discontinue or delay any medical treatment because of NLP, coaching or yogic based advice/support.
  • Recognise that results for complementary therapies vary from person to person and results cannot be guaranteed.
  • I understand that any energy cards are used for entertainment purposes only.
  • By attending one of our programmes, you agree to abide by these terms of conditions and medical disclaimer and take full responsibility for your own (and that of your child’s practice and wellbeing) throughout the session.