Life Coaching

I provide a very different kind of life coaching and one which focuses more on generating wellbeing from the inside out rather than the inside in. Happiness is after all “an inside job” and when you learn to optimise your thinking and communication from the inside out, you realise that happiness and wellbeing was there all along.  So, while we are working together on whatever it is you are seeking to achieve, I will also be looking to support you on a much deeper and transformational journey of awareness and understanding, across all aspects of your life, through coaching I offer.

While what we start with and how this works, will obviously depend on your specific coaching needs and requirements, the Conscious Intentions coaching approach is all about working with you through the powerful tools of NLP, transformational coaching, hypnosis and other targeted techniques, to give you more power, personal freedom and happiness across all aspects of your life.

We will work with you to show up the unconscious influences at play at your life (beliefs, values, perceptions and more) which means you no longer have to operate on auto-pilot (where you unconscious mind or thinking calls the shots), but can develop a much greater wisdom and understanding of the world and your place in it.   I will also teach you the relevant NLP skills direct so you can use the toolkit yourself time and time again for evolved thinking and greater happiness.

We offer a free intuitive life journey reading to any one signing up to a coaching programme

I have been working with Kelly for about 6 months – and my life is completely changed. I am far more conscious of my own thoughts and how they create my experience. I now get that it really is down to me. I feel much more empowered and have a completely different perspective in life

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