You may not know this, but our unconscious world pretty much calls all the shots.

Most of us walk around on auto-pilot responding to the prompts and nudging of inner conditioning and previous experiences. This conditioning, rather than our own conscious intention, is often the thing that influences our lives the most, albeit out of our own conscious awareness.

For any change to stick, conscious and unconscious alignment of your hopes, dreams and desires is key. Without this change is so much harder as will power alone is simply not enough!

This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnotherapy is very simple a trance state, an altered state of conscious, which is a necessary normal function of the human mind. Consider for example, have you every driven a car and realised that you were doing so unconsciously, have you every day dreamed and gone off into your own little world, even for a moment.

All these are altered states of consciousness, so is hypnosis. We use hypnosis to talk directly to your unconscious mind (through a gentle eyes closed process) and make the change stick. You can simply relax and let your unconscious mind do all the work.

For me, hypnotherapy was like entering a lovely relaxing and calm oasis of the mind, when you can allow yourself to just float await into a beautifully relaxed state, allowing your unconscious mind to do the rest.

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