Energy Coaching

Life is rarely as simple as we think. Not only are you creating the experience of everything in your life by the way you think about it on a day to day level (for example how you perceive and filter certain events and draw conclusions about whether things are good or bad for you), you are also influencing the deeper field of pure potential with every thought and action that you have.

At conscious intentions, we have years of learning and working with key energy principles such as the law of attraction, the power of intention, intuition and synchronicity. We now want to share the learning more widely to help you achieve more flow, grace, forgiveness, love, gratitude and peace in your life. We can build these principles into our coaching as relevant.

Coaching blended with coaching on energy principles can give you a deeper understanding and connection with your inner and energy self, waking you up to the real limitless potential of what it means to be you. We also offer a free intuitive life journey reading to any one signing up to a coaching programme. This is an intuitive coaching model that helps you unlock your unconscious world and help you identify and address key energies and influences currently present in your life.

I now understand how I can live through my intuition with more flow and authenticity. This allows me to live life according to my own rules and not other peoples. I was always in my head before, now I know how to shift my energy and choose to listen to my heart not just my head, learning to tell the difference has been very powerful for me

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