What is Kundalini Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a relatively new and evolving healthcare profession that supports health and wellbeing, and the overall balance and homeostasis of the mind, body, and energy system through a range of yogic techniques and practices.

Yoga therapists will apply yogic science, philosophy and a wide range of practices (from breathing techniques, physical postures, to meditation, mantra, sound) to those experiencing physical or mental health conditions. The work is now supported by a growing body of evidence to support the yogic approach to health and healing. Being able to create the conditions for the person to activate the best possible conditions for healing the mind, body and energy system is a key element in this.

There are some differences in practice across the yoga therapy field, but all the systems will work to help bring calm and balance to the nervous system and help rebuild vitality at the level of the mind, the body and the bio-energetic system.

Kundalini yoga therapy, an approach that takes the client deep into the subtle anatomy and the energetic principles of the mind, body and energy to support health and healing, supports the client in the following ways:

  • Therapeutic applications of breathing techniques, physical postures and meditations to support and integrate mind and body healing.
  • Understanding and working through the subtle anatomy and energy system to support balance and flow of energy through the 8 chakras, ten spiritual bodies and main energy meridians.
  • Application of a range of yogic techniques to rebuild the nervous system, help support glandular health and build vitality and capacity.
  • Taking an energetic and subtle anatomy perspective to supporting overall health and healing from an emotional, psychological and spiritual perspective. 
  • Blend Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles with kundalini yoga practices and teachings to create and support the optimum conditions for healing within the body.
  • The therapeutic application of mantra and sound and energy healing to help restore the body’s natural rhythms and health frequency within the body.
  • Lifestyle and wellbeing coaching through yogic diet, yogic philosophy and humanology. 

All of these activities combine to provide a very integrative and supportive place for the body to come back into wellbeing and balance according to the needs of the individual. 

The key focus is not to diagnose or treat the illness but activate and generate change in the body’s own bio system to restore balance and rebuild vitality. 

Its no quick fix for sure, and everyone is on their own journey of awakening and awareness, but yoga therapy can provide a supportive and complementary mind, body, energy toolkit to build calm and raise vitality, two essential factors in health and wellbeing outcomes.

If you want to know more or would like to work together to support your health and wellbeing, please get in touch. For more information on therapeutic wellbeing courses or one2ones, see our website listed in the links below.

This article reflects my own personal opinions of yoga therapy intended to raise awareness of kundalini yoga therapy and is not a reflection of a standard definition or scope of practice. I also include an article on yoga therapy listed on yoga journal in the links below for background.

To your happiness & wellbeing

Kelly Egan, Conscious Intentions, Supporting happiness and wellbeing with NLP, coaching, hypnotherapy, kundalini yoga, meditation, and kundalini yoga therapy.

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Thoughts are not facts…

Even now, the thinking mind can hide its distortions and not show itself to us, completely.

The mind is a powerful processing hub of opportunity, protection and balance. But how do we know which of the minds functions is on the playing field.

In yogic mind philosophy, it is said we have 3 functional minds, 9 aspects and 27 projections, all of which create 81 facets that will dictate how you might respond to a situation. So…many different avenues and mental projections to fall into…

But at a very high level, according to Yogi Bhajan, we have 3 minds that each thought can be filtered through:

  • We have the negative mind – the protective mind that protects you and keeps you safe, this is the first mind to kick in and generally the one that helps you see the risks in any situation. This mind helps you get to work safely or navigate a busy road but it is also the mind that can lock us in anxieties, worries or fears.
  • We have the positive mind – the expansive mind that can see and create opportunity, put forward solutions and propose actions. This is a very action oriented mind and can help us get things done as it shows us opportunities and things we can do in response to situations. It can though also work against us to support the negative mind.
  • We then have the neutral mind – the meditative mind that absorbs and assesses the input of both the negative and positive minds and creates a position and view point based on both inputs. Often this is the mind that helps us gain traction and movement as it helps us uplift our thinking into a more helpful space.

But when we get stuck in either the negative or positive mind, or the neutral mind is weak, we can get locked in indecision or stasis, believing, receiving and reinforcing a stream of thoughts or perceptions that are simply not true.

Consider this, you want to go to an event, but something changes (maybe it starts raining) and you start to think of getting wet or things you might not like about being there. Many people can get stuck here in the distortions of the negative mind looking to serve their best interests and keep them safe. But it rarely offer us the true picture of reality and is presenting just one angle. As a result we can make decisions based on limited or distorted or generalised intel.

It is only when we add in the positive mind, that an alternative picture or option can be seen. Otherwise the positive mind can get to work supporting our negative perceptions…pulling in previous events, challenges and experiences from deep within our unconscious. This simply serves to reinforce our negative narrative and the mental intrigues that limit us.

Its then only when allow ourselves to meet the chatter of the positive and negative mind with the neutral mind, that we can take a higher more intuitive perspective of what our thoughts present to us, and start to see a richer picture of the reality of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

 Here is a great quote by Yogi Bhajan describing this process:

Yogi Bhajan

So ask yourself the questions “are you under your mind, or is your mind under your?” Yogi Bhajan.

For anyone interested in yogic support through anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, please free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you. For more information on therapeutic wellbeing courses targeted to support health, happiness and wellbeing, see our website listed in the links below.

To your happiness & wellbeing

Kelly Egan, Conscious Intentions, Supporting happiness and wellbeing with NLP, coaching, hypnotherapy, kundalini yoga, meditation, and kundalini yoga therapy.

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The Mystery of Menopause

Menopause & perimenopause can affect women in many different ways. Many people are aware of issues around hot flushes and sleep disturbance. However, the fluctuation and changes to our hormones (the guardians of our health and particularly our mental health) can create a plethora or other symptoms that are not so readily discussed.

Low mood, lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, negativity or irritability can take over our usual ways of being and relating and start to interrupt the flow of our self confidence, self esteem & self worth.

This is an issue being given growing attention and awareness in both workplace wellbeing strategies but also in the public domain, and rightly so.  Women seek a range of allopathic and herbal medicines to cope but many of the less obvious effects of menopause and perimenopause are tackled by women in silence and alone. As one of my friends said recently “no-one told me this stuff was coming!!”

Physical exercise has long been accepted as a way to support mental health at any time of life. Adopting a physical yoga practice during this time has also been noted by doctors as a positive alternative support to help support mental balance and overall wellness. 

As a result, yoga (across all its forms such as meditation, postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and philosophy) is being turned to by more and more women to support health and emotional wellness. 


Yoga therapy brings this support into a one2one setting, and kundalini yoga therapy offers targeted support that can, through specifics kriyas, meditations, breathing practices and yogic teachings towards sustaining vitality, can have a massive impact on wellbeing, for example to:

  • Support glandular function to help with hormonal fluctuations and mood swings.
  • Build the prana or chi (life force energy) to increases our capacity to cope.
  • Enhance kidney energy and blood circulation to support fatigue.
  • Offer exercises to balance brain hemisphere to support overall mental clarity.
  • Strengthen the nervous system to support resilience.
  • Rebuild the naval fire to support power of mind, positivity and strength of being.
  • Create a feeling of mental and physical balance & harmonised internal state.

All of these changes at a physical and mental level can provide the emotional support, resilience and balance that is so important at this time for physical and mental health, keeping our capacity and capability on track for the things we still want to do.  As for the evidence, its early days for yoga therapy and yoga techniques in this area but evidence is growing (see links below).

So remember, while yoga and yoga therapy (including postures, breathing practices, meditation) is by no means a quick fix, targeted support with a kundalini yoga therapist over a period of time can start to pay real dividends to our health, wellbeing and vitality.

For anyone interested in yogic support through emotional issues please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.  For more information on therapeutic wellbeing courses targeted to support health, happiness and wellbeing, see our website listed in the links below.

To your happiness & wellbeing

Kelly Egan, Conscious Intentions, Supporting happiness and wellbeing with NLP, coaching, hypnotherapy, kundalini yoga, meditation, and kundalini yoga therapy.

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How to harness the energy of creative flow and manifestation in your life?

At the end of the day, everyone gets stuck sometimes, stuck in a mindset, stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship or even stuck in an aspect or perspective of themselves. 

But how do we really harness the creative power of the universe to get ourselves unstuck and back into the energy of flow and creativity?

On a level, we all know that change is constant but on another, change and movement in our lives can be so subtle, so incremental, we may not even notice it. As a result, it can sometimes feel that time is standing still or the changes we seek are still slightly out of our reach.

At times like this, it can be important to dig deep and work with what is before us, what is genuinely present for us, to help us reconnect to that creative flow.

So, to help this along, here are some tips to help you get unstuck, and allow any conscious and unconscious blocks, seen or unseen barriers, start to shift – to enable you connect to that creative flow once again.

1.      Get out of your own way – a hard and probably annoying fact – is that most of the time it’s our own unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding our current reality in place. Start to surface your awareness of these by writing down all the self-limiting thoughts that come to mind – output and exit everything that is annoying or frustrating to you, right now – get them out of the head and on to the table – in full visibility! Then ask yourself, what do I want instead?

Start and the pressure will be off

 2.      Give yourself the power to act – or as Yogi Bhajan would say – “start and the pressure will be off”. When we take the first step towards something we are looking to create, things start to move, and stuff unfolds. Might not be what we are expecting but embrace the shifts anyway. Until we take the first step and delve into the unknown – stasis will always prevail.

 3.      Check in with your own needs – is there something about your current situation that serves you? Are you benefiting in some way by staying still or by not taking the next step? Often an unseen attachment to the current experience or hidden fear around how we might meet the changes we desire, keep things in place. Mmm a tricky one but maybe something to think about?

 Tidy your desk, your house, your bedroom, and throw stuff out! 

4.      Tidy your desk, your house, your bedroom, and throw stuff out! Dig deep people, look into those drawers and cupboards that have not been opened for a while. What is lurking in the darkness that can no longer be seen? What do you no longer need hanging around? What can you shed or recycle? When we clear our space, recycle our things, we make space – and allow new things to come. This one works so well!

5.      Connect to water – visualise a body of water – what do you see? Is it stagnant, sitting still or is it a wave of unbelievable power, or just nicely balanced – either way connect to your own energy of water and see what this shows you. Water has its own rhythm and pace. It has the power to cleanse, renew as well as steady our emotions in times of challenge. Where is your flow taking you?

6.      Take a step even if you have no idea where that step might lead – Use the positive mind to see the opportunity in any new or old situation and follow the yellow brick road…you never know where it just might lead… the universe might just have bigger plans than you could ever imagine…

move, chant, and
work your naval

7.      Breathe, move, chant, and work your naval – if you are a yogi, power up the energy in the centre of your body, build up your internal fire and use this fire to transform, manifest and create. It might be painful (the best practices are!) but you totally know this works! So, keep up and get it done!

And remember, energy is always moving behind the scenes, often outside our awareness so heap on a shovel of trust and massive pinch of love….and let the universe move with you. 

Kelly is a health and wellbeing coach, kundalini yoga teacher and therapist, NLP master practitioner in East Surrey/West Sussex. She is passionate about sharing mind, body, energy tools to support health, happiness and wellbeing. Join the conversation in one of her classes, courses, or events – links below and at her “Conscious Intentions” website.

Five mind, body, energy techniques to beat #stress & power up your #wellbeing!

So, the good news is mind, body, energy medicine is here to stay.  Increasing evidence is pointing to the beneficial effects of these practices to support #healthandwellbeing.  

You may already be a high-level communicator and have full control over your mental projection, but what if you are still missing a daily trick to up-level your neurobiology and wellbeing in a powerful way?

Check out the five mind, body, energy tips below to beat #stress, #anxiety and #negative mind gremlins.

Mental Imagery and Visualisation

1. Mental imagery and visualisation  – “what you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become” – there is some controversy about the source of this quote, but there is no doubt just how powerful mental rehearsal is to influence performance.   So next time you want to do well in something, pre-plan this in your head, #visualise how you want things to happen & see just how this works.

Breathing Exercises

2. Breathing exercises – breath work and controlled breathing should not just be in the toolkit of the yogis! Breathing practices help us direct and control the amount of prana and energy we circulate throughout the body.  Feel like you have low #energy, get sipping in as much breath as possible.  Feel like you’re stressed or anxious, get long deep breathing.   This stuff works, and your nervous system will be grateful.

Yogic Movement

3. Yogic movement – we pretty much accept that exercise is good for us, and that #yoga is good for flexibility but had you considered that yogic movement creates pressures in the body at very precise meridian points – opening up energetic pathways along the meridian lines in the body that supports organ #health, function & general #wellness.  If you don’t believe me, check out your local kundalini yoga class.  Step aside #overwhelm, Sparks will fly!


4. #Meditation – so many meditations to choose from – the good news is science is catching up and starting to prove the links between meditation and brain structure.  Essentially as a regular meditator, neuroplasticity of the brain starts to shift, and we find ourselves more able to dip into a calm and resourceful state whenever we need. So, if you put your meditation practice to one side recently, “pick it up, pick it up, pick it up…” it’s a toolkit not to be ignored to support #mental wellbeing.

Music, mantra and sound

5. Music & sound – we all love to relax, and often use music to soften and calm the environment for so many different occasions, for example romantic dinners, massage therapy.  But how often do we deliberately use sound to reset our state and #frequency.  Mantra offers an amazing way to change our state and elevate the way we feel. Here is a healing mantra that you might just enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYivP3gedCo

So, what do you think? Are you ready to tap into new mind, body, techniques to raise your frequency & vibration and access more #positive states of awareness & peace?

The mind is after all a powerful driver for change, the body a vehicle for our expression and the breath the carrier of our emotions.

If so, join the conversation on www.facebook.com/conscioushappiness & join our facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/consciousintentions – more scientific evidence & practice examples to follow.

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To your optimum happiness & wellbeing

Kelly Egan

Supporting Happiness & Wellbeing with NLP, coaching, hypnotherapy, kundalini yoga & meditation

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The 7 reasons why Kundalini Yoga is essential to those on the spiritual path

Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a powerful and transformative yoga practice!  It is so much more than just physical postures, it is the “yoga of awareness” and a technology for improving consciousness, so crucial to those on the spiritual path.

So how does it work and why does it work so quickly?! The combination of kriyas (physical postures), breath work, mudras, mind focus, meditation, mantra, energy work and relaxation serves to help us clear our fears, blocks, and limitations, and elevate our vibration and awareness to a whole new level. It can very quickly provide the leverage we are seeking to clear unconscious patterns and behaviour and consequently raise our vibration in a way that allows us to connect more fully and completely to our infinite selves and true potential (depending on what we choose to practice and for how long of course!).

Check out the 7 reasons (of many more) below why a regular kundalini yoga practice could well be the very thing that all those already on the spiritual or personal transformation path need to up-level their current personal and spiritual development. As a long-time spiritual explorer, things only really started to shift for me when I picked up this practice and did it consistently and completely!

1Kundalini yoga connects us to our intuition and higher self – spiritual seekers are often searching for that inner connection to the higher self and intuition. The power of kundalini yoga helps this process along more quickly by silencing the mind and allowing us to hear and connect more deeply with our inner senses and intuitive guidance.

2Kundalini yoga opens us to the energy of love and compassion – kundalini yoga works to cleanse and clear the chakras and in doing so helps us connect more deeply to our heart. Through this connection, we gain the power to release judgements towards ourselves and others, and see only love in its place.

3Kundalini yoga allows us to connect to our authentic self – as spiritual seekers, speaking our truth and operating in line with our true purpose, is often a key driver in our work to transcend the ego and reach higher states of awareness.  Kundalini yoga works like a super hero to strip away those false masks, identities, and protective layers to not only connect you to your own truth, but catapult this out into the world.

4Kundalini yoga awakens and expands our consciousness – through a regular practice of kundalini yoga, our innate awareness simply grows and expands.  It allows us to perceive and connect with more subtle aspects of the physical as well as the infinite field of consciousness and use this subtle intelligence to support and enhance our day to day flow and experience.

5Kundalini yoga balances the negative mind – many people, even spiritual seekers, are plagued by the constant chatter of negative thoughts, or the churn of the mind.  Kundalini yoga works to activate our neutral mind which allows us the space to see through the illusion of the mind and into more freedom, choice and flexibility.

6Kundalini yoga connects us to the present moment – Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” is the cornerstone book for many on the spiritual path and asserts “as you honour the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolves”.   Kundalini yoga helps us activate our connection to the power of now, feel the silence and bliss (as well as helping us to release our karmic patterns along the way!).

7Kundalini yoga raises our vibrational frequency – kundalini yoga is also all about expanding the aura and raising our vibrational frequency and radiance.  As we know “everything is energy” including ourselves, and “we attract what we radiate”.  So, by working on our energetic radiance through kundalini yoga, we can expand and extend our energetic frequency and raise our frequency closer to that which we wish to attract.  Synchronicities here we come!

So, if you on the spiritual path and this article resonates in any way, get ‘ye’ to your local kundalini yoga class, you might be slightly weirded out, but if you like your energy work, you will love it!  Give it a go, expand the spirit and let your consciousness soar.   And if you don’t believe me, check out Russell Brand’s take on kundalini yoga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNMdg0kFS2s

To sign up for one2ones, classes or events; online or in person in Smallfield, Reigate, or Crawley, email kelly@consciousintentions.co.uk or sign up at  https://www.facebook.com/conscioushappiness/

Kelly Egan

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Breaking the chain reaction…

Did you know that 90% of your brain activity is focused on your things outside conscious awareness? And that when this relates to our behaviour, this means we are sometimes “stuck” in unconscious habits and behaviours that keep us stressed and worn out? It is only when we start to consciously relate to ourselves in a new way that we begin to “wake up” and start to see more of what is really going on!

You may not know this, but our unconscious world pretty much calls the shots. Most of us walk around on auto-pilot responding to the prompts and nudging of inner conditioning and previous experiences. This conditioning, rather than our own conscious intention, is often the thing that influences our lives the most, albeit out of our own conscious awareness.

This means what tends to happen is we live at the place of “reaction” rather than “response”. When we react, often to unconscious triggers, we may react quickly and with emotion, perhaps allowing our anger, stress or irritation to take over. Over a period of time, this can have a detrimental effect on our overall wellbeing and health (particularly to our immune system).

We can however take steps to reduce these effects and activate the body’s natural breaking system. In doing so, we can counter-act the stress response that has become our “normal” and learn new ways to respond and handle challenges in our lives.

Try this right now. Find a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed and sit comfortably on the chair or floor. Now lift your right hand up and close off your right nostril and begin breathing in and slowly through your left nostril. Do this for just 3 minutes.

Now notice how much better you feel that you did before? Do you feel more calm? Do you feel more aware of your own self? More centred? This is just one way you could learn to relax and calm.

All too often people spend too much time in their own head and in their own problems when with a few simple changes… life can be very different.

To your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Kelly Egan
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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is an attitude and methodology founded by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grindler that allows people to think and communicate more effectively.

NLP studies the way we represent our experience through our neurology (neuro), how we communicate with ourselves and others (linguistic), and how we can change our habitual ways of thinking, communicating and behaving (programming). So is essentially the process of learning about how we think, communicate and act so that we can start thinking, communicating and acting more usefully and fluently.

NLP, as a successful model for success, is a key part of our approach for change and getting change to stick. We also teach you NLP toolkit direct so that you can take NLP attitude and skill set away with you to use again and again with anyone you want!

Neuro-linguistic programming is a very positive tool, there is much more to NLP people than people think. Not only is it an amazing toolkit that helps individuals address problems quickly and easily, it is an attitude a way of seeing, believing and behaving differently at your best

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Kundalini Yoga

Reduce Stress and Improve Wellbeing with Kundalini Yoga

  • Are you looking to improve your happiness, health and wellbeing this year?
  • Would you like to learn new ways to reduce stress and create inner calm and wellness?
  • Are you willing to trying something quite different and transformative to get you there?

If so, Kundalini Yoga could be for you.

Kundalini yoga is a transformative and powerful yoga that works on the mind, body and soul.  It is “yoga of awareness” and combines physical exercises with meditation, mantra, relaxation and breath work to give the student a complete experience of inner wellbeing and connection.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga for the average householder and can be practised by anyone.  It is often seen as a powerful catalyst for personal change and development.   It is a complete science handed down through a lineage and legacy of teachers originating in India, thousands of years ago.   It was brought to the West in the 1960s by Yogi Bhajan, a spiritual leader and teacher from India who decided the time had come for this sacred technology to be available to everyone.

Kundalini yoga differs from other yoga in that it is taught in specific sets. This is to ensure you benefit from the desired effect and change of state.  In this way it supports full integration of mind, body and spirit. 

In Kundalini Yoga, each yoga set has key benefits which allow you to work on key aspects of yourself.  Many of these also target specific health and wellness issues, such as:

  • Reducing stress
  • Enhancing positivity
  • Developing self-esteem
  • Reducing negativity
  • Developing intuition and higher awareness
  • Tackling addictions
  • Developing emotional balance

Kundalini yoga sets always include meditation, sometimes silent, or sometimes with mantra and music.  This enables you to have a complete experience of connecting to your inner self in a new and elevating way and will complement the Kriya.   In particular, for meditations with mantra, the power of the Naad and sound current, allows you (without trying, thinking or doing anything) to elevate your thought patterns and enhance your overall experience.  The mantras can be spell-bounding and truly transformative with the power to quieten and transcend even the most active of minds!

Kundalini Yoga focuses specifically on the flow of energy through the body and includes many physical, mental and energetic perspective benefits. It also works across the 7 chakras and aura as well as the ten bodies as identified in yogic philosophy.  Some key benefits include: strengthening the immune system, creating a stronger and healthier body, balancing emotions and the glandular system, strengthening the nervous system, as well as bringing clarify of mind. All of these things together promotes a sense of peace and inner tranquillity and wellness.

And remember Kundalini Yoga is so much more than just an exercise routine to keep you healthy.  It is a complete experience for the mind, body and the soul and a platform for personal transformation and elevation.   When practised regularly it can affect your perspective and perception of life and your role within it.  It can bring conscious awareness, intentions and truth to our world.

So if you are looking to elevate your experience for this year and unlock your creative potential, come join us for a local class!

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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing modality that can heal the body at physical, mental and emotional level.  

Hands will be placed non-intrusively on the body or around the body, to facilitate the flow of energies and aid in the clearing and cleansing of the aura. All the participant needs to do is set the invitation and intention for the healing and the therapist will do the rest.

We also offer an additional guided relaxation to help the client relax and sink more deeply into the treatment.

I felt heat coming into my body, and a sense of overall wellbeing and relaxation while I am receiving the healing. After the healing I felt calm and serene and the energy from the problem areas of my body had definitely shifted

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